Questions To Ask Before Ending A Relationship

Published: 27th March 2009
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Is your relationship on the verge of breaking up? Or maybe you're already broken up but now you're having second thought. Here are some questions to ask before ending a relationship. Answering these questions honestly will help you get your head clear and give you an idea of what your next move should be.

It's perfectly normal to have uncertainty in a relationship. If you have strong feelings for your partner, there is a good chance you want to give the relationship a fair chance to work out. On one hand, you want to be understanding and compromising... but within reason. On the other hand, you don't want to be so compromising that you end up settling, or worse... putting up with behavior that is totally unacceptable.

- Is there any kind of physical or emotional abuse? If so, this is where you definitely draw the line. Get out of the relationship now.

- Has there been any instances of infidelity? This can be a tough one. Couples work through difficult situations like this all the time. If your partner cheated and you feel like you can forgive them, then be certain the two of you are working towards healing the problems that led to the cheating. Counseling may be in order here.

- Do the two of you share the same values and principles? Having the same core life values in common is much more important than having the exact same taste in music, movies, etc.

- Are the two of you genuinely in love? I'm not talking about the "butterflies in the stomach" feelings you had when you first met. Relationships develop in stages, and the infatuation stage is one that ends fairly quickly. I'm talking about a genuine, deep unconditional love for your partner and vice versa. Sometimes couples fall out of love and it's nobody's fault. There are things you can do to reconnect, but if that's not working, then you may want to consider moving on.

- Do you the two of you like each other? Liking your partner is just as important as loving them. Yes, you can love someone but not like them. It's normal to feel irritated with your partner from time to time... you spend a lot of time with each other. But overall, you should like the type of person they are.

These are some of the core questions to ask before ending a relationship. Breaking up is a big decision, and often times people regret their decision later. If some mistakes were made but now you'd like a second chance, then the good news is that no situation is impossible. If you want to salvage your relationship then you don't want to just "wing it" and hope everything works out. It's best to have a plan... a plan that works with your partner's natural instincts rather than against them.

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