How To Say Sorry To Your Boyfriend

Published: 31st March 2009
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He's mad at you... maybe there was a misunderstanding or maybe you really messed up. Now he won't even talk to you. Maybe he even broke up with you. What can you do? Is it too late? Relax, there are no impossible situations... yes, you can make things better and say sorry to your boyfriend in a way that is sincere and will help heal the situation.

Give him some space
Sometimes people just need some time alone to "be mad." I know this is hard to do, especially if you're anxious to make things better, but chill out for a bit and give him a chance to let some of his anger go. Wait until he is ready to talk and the chances of him accepting your apology are much greater.

Let him vent
Maybe you've given him some space but when you try talking with him he just blows up and starts yelling at you again. It's human nature when someone is yelling at you to get defensive and maybe even yell back. Resist this urge. Force yourself to just listen to what he is saying even if it's unreasonable or flat out not true. Arguing will only put fuel on the fire. Try agreeing with everything he says. You'll be surprised how quickly he calms down... he may even apologize to you for some of the things he said while angry.

Be sincere
People are good at reading when someone is being fake. Are you really sorry? If you're going to say sorry to your boyfriend you have to mean it. Really think about what you did or said. Put yourself in his shoes and ask how you would feel if the role were reversed. Put your ego aside and be humble. Yes, apologizing can be a humbling experience. A true, sincere apology is the sign of a mature person.

Still no luck?
What if you've tried all of the above but still not getting anywhere? Is the relationship in serious trouble of being over for good? If that's the case and you're serious about saving the relationship, then you need to have a more long-term plan. First, you cannot under any circumstances become pushy or needy in ANY way. He will only withdraw more if he feels pushed... it's human nature. Do not argue with him about the relationship or try to convince him about how you'll change, how you're meant to be together or anything like that. Time heals and some people need more time than others.

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