How To Get Your Boyfriend Back - The Best Way To Save Your Relationship

Published: 12th November 2008
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If you're anxious to get your boyfriend back there is a good chance that your anxiousness will get you into trouble... that's because you're probably going to do things that end up pushing him away. The best way to save your relationship is to learn how to work with your boyfriend's natural instincts... and allow him some time to miss you.

Trying hard to win your ex back will usually result in him putting up a wall... a wall that can be very difficult to get past. This is one situation where trying too hard will almost always backfire on you.

Now fighting to save your relationship is totally understandable. It's a natural reaction that most of us have. The fact that you're getting over a broken heart only makes you more impulsive. But you're going to have to get this impulse under control if you want to learn how to get your boyfriend back.

Have you been calling him constantly, showing up where he is, always wanting to "have a talk", promising you'll change, apologizing for everything and other types of behavior like this?

If you've been doing any of these things... please stop. When a guy feels pressured, his natural reaction is to pull away and resist. The more you pressure him the more distant he will become... even to the point where he will avoid you completely.

But an interesting thing usually happens if you stop contacting him and pull away yourself. He will wonder why you're not chasing after him anymore. Have you found someone else? Have you moved
on? Pulling back gives him a chance to think about you and miss you.

If you've been losing sleep trying to figure out how to get your boyfriend back, start with giving him some space. There will probably be more you have to do later, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. The best way to save your relationship is to stay grounded and move forward with a smart plan.

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