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Published: 31st March 2009
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You broke up with your boyfriend and now you're wondering if he still has feelings for you. Are you wondering if you guys should get back together? What are the chances of salvaging the relationship and is it worth it? Keep in mind that no situation is impossible... people get back together all the time. The following ex boyfriend quiz will help you determine where his heart is.

Ex-Boyfriend Quiz

Choose the answers that best describe the situation. At the end of the test, add up your points.

1. Who did the breaking up?

Me... 30 pts
Him... 20 pts
Mutual... 10 pts

2. Was there cheating?

No... 30 pts
Me... 20 pts
Him... 10 pts

3. How many months/years together?

More than 6 months... 30 pts
1-6 months... 20 pts
Less than 1 month... 10 pts

4. Relationship seriousness

Married... 50 pts
Engaged... 40 pts
Living together... 30 pts
Casual... 10 pts

5. How often did you fight?

Rarely... 30 pts
Frequently... 20 pts
Often... 10 pts

6. Did you break up with him before?

Some minor break ups before, but this is the most serious... 10 pts
No... 20 pts
Yes = 30 pts

7. How soon did you have sex with him?

Have not had sex with him... 10 pts
First date... 10 pts
Started off as friends, then things developed... 45 pts

8. Did your boyfriend really pressure you for a commitment

I really wanted a commitment, but my partner was hesitant... 5 pts
No... 15 pts
Yes... 30 pts

9. Does your boyfriend respond when you call?

Doesn't answer... 10 pts
He hangs up... 10 pts
He gets angry and yells at me... 20 pts
We talk briefly, but he seems irritated... 30 pts

10. How often do you see him now?

We see each other often, but he ignores me... 10 pts
Rarely, but when we do he acts distant... 15 pts
I never see him... 20 pts
I see him a lot... 40 pts

11. Does your ex-boyfriend keep items that remind him of you?

No, he only kept things that were worth a lot of money... 10 pts
No, he destroyed those things, burnt pictures, etc... 20 pts
Yes... 40 pts

12. Has he tried to get revenge?

No... 10 pts
Yes... 20 pts
Sort of... he tease me or tries to make me feel bad but it never gets out of hand... 30 pts

13. Does he seem depressed because of the break-up?

No... 10 pts
A little... 20 pts
Yes... 35 pts

14. Is he dating someone else now?

The girl he left me for... 10 pts
Just started seeing someone... 20 pts
He's seen several girls since we broke up... 25 pts
No... 30 pts

Score Totals:

If your score is 160 or less.This is a sign he has more than likely moved on. It may still be possible to get back together, but it will mean knowing EXACTLY what to do and what not to do... if you appear needy it will blow any chance you have. This may be a good time to consider if this is what you really want. Remember, you broke up with him for a reason.

If your score is 165-330. This means he is really mad at you. This can work in your favor. Strong emotion are an indicator of passion. This is the time to move forward if you're considering a reunion with him.

If your score is 335 or more. This means he is probably still crazy about you! However, if you're serious about getting back together you still have to be careful not to push him away. There are ways to make him come to you so you don't come across as needy or pushy. It's natural for a guy to pull away if he feels pressured. Don't make that mistake!

335 points and up probably means they are still in love with you (but some serious changes need to happen if you are going to get back together.) You'll need a solid plan and know exactly what you're doing in order to win them back.

Bottom Line:

Keep in mind that the Does My Ex Still Love Me Quiz is not 100% accurate. If your score was a few points from being in another category that is something to consider. Also, be honest with yourself... some relationships are better off being over don't you agree? That being said, if you still believe in getting back together with your ex, remember that there are no impossible situations! People get back together all the time and you can too.

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