Ex Boyfriend Quiz - Does He Want You Back?

Published: 27th March 2009
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Do you wish you and your ex boyfriend could get back together? Are you wondering how he feels about you? There's a good chance you ex is not expressing exactly how he feels. But there are certain clues that give him away. Take this ex boyfriend quiz to help you figure out if he still wants you, plus some tips on how to win him back.

Top 10 Signs He Still Wants You:

1. Does he call you a lot?
2. Is he always showing up where you are?
3. Does he still wear clothing or jewelry you gave him?
4. Does he display old pictures of you?
5. Does he ask mutual friends about you?
6. Does he try to make you jealous?
7. Does he act jealous if he sees you with someone else?
8. Does he talk about your old relationship?
9. Does he go out of his way to tell you how great his life is?
10. Does he flirt with you?

If you're noticing your ex behaving in one or more of these ways consistently, then there is a good chance he still has strong feelings for you?

So what's your next step? Would you like to get back together? If a reunion is what you really want, then you have to be smart about your approach. Coming across as too eager will probably push him away. Guys tend to want what they can't have, so don't start chasing him or pressuring him to get back together.

Instead, play it cool and show that you're doing great without him. Don't be cold or uncaring. You can still be nice, but just do it in a way that says, "Yeah, I like you but I don't need you."

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