Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You?

Published: 31st March 2009
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If you and your ex had strong feeling for each other at one time, there is a very good chance they still have feelings for you now. On the surface it may appear that they have moved on. However, what your ex says does not usually reveal the entire truth about how they feel. Does your ex still have feelings for you? There are several signs that are a dead give away your ex is still interested (and that they may even be open to getting back together.)

Does you ex still contact you?

This doesn't have to be a direct phone call either. It could be a quick text message or email asking a mundane question. If they are consistently looking for ways to stay in touch, this is a sign that your ex is still interested.

Does you ex flirt with you?

If you see your ex from time to time and they flirt or act playful, this could be a signal of interest. Try flirting back and see their reaction. If they flirt with other people in front of you, this could be their way of trying to make you jealous... another clue that they still have feelings for you.

Are you constantly "bumping into" your ex?

Does your ex always seems to be at the same places as you at the same time? These "chance" encounters may look like a coincidence, but they are probably doing this on purpose as a way of staying in contact.

Is your ex on their best behavior?

Maybe they are dressing better, working out or talking about how great their life is going. It's possible they are trying to impress you and hoping you will get interested in them again.

Does your ex still have feelings for you... the bottom line:

Remember, what your ex says is not usually an indicator of how they really feel. The best thing you can do is don't put any pressure on them to reveal how they feel. If you ask them straight out, there is a good chance they won't tell the truth. Why? Because of pride, fear of rejection, not wanting to give you the upper hand, etc.

Now that you know what signs to look for, you can read your ex's true feelings much easier... and you can decide if this is someone you'd like to get back together with.

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