3 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Published: 27th March 2009
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Are you wondering if there is a chance of getting back together with your ex? Maybe you still have strong feelings for them but you're not sure where their heart is at. Keep in mind that what your ex says or how they act on the surface rarely reveals how they truly feel. Here are some subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) signs your ex wants you back.

3 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back...

1. Your ex keeps in touch with you

It may be a short phone call or email, but if they consistently are looking for excuses to contact you, this is a strong sign that they have not moved on.

2. Your ex has items that are reminders of the relationship

This could be wearing jewelry or clothes they got from you, holding on to photographs of you, etc. Displaying any items that remind them of the relationship usually means they still have strong feelings.

3. Your ex shows up where you are a lot

This is probably not a coincidence, even though they may try to make it look that way. This is a sign that your ex wants to be around you but probably has too much pride to admit it.

These are just a few of the signs your ex wants you back. There are others, but the idea is to look for signs that your ex is still trying to stay in touch with you somehow. Because of pride and fear of rejection, they may not be coming right out and admitting how they feel.

The bottom line is do you want your ex back? If you do, and you think they might still have feeling for you, then you need to have a plan. If you throw yourself at them there is a good chance that you'll end up pushing them away. The best thing to do is show that you're open to getting back together, but at the same time you're also doing fine without them.

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